Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sleeps on a Plane

Sleeping on the plane is an excellent way to avoid jetlag, fight boredom, escape from conversations with your fellow passengers and make use of those blankets and little pillows you find on your seat.

I informed my little sister of the many benefits of sleeping on the plane before she boarded her flight to Paris, and she was eager to try it out for herself.

Despite having a middle seat, and therefore no window upon which to prop her pillow, she managed to fall asleep during her 13-hour flight. She might have slept the whole way too if her neighbour, a middle-aged Asian businessman, hadn't felt awkward about her sleeping on his shoulder and woken her up.

By poking her.

With a fork.


PTR said...

That's part of the protocol, but only if you fork them in the distal lateral thigh. Face forking is right out. Where did she get forked?

Pink Stethoscopes said...

Deltoid! This man is clearly not familiar with the protocol.