Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Horrible Bosses" Premier

I went to the European Premier of "Horrible Bosses" the other night. Actually, I'm not sure if I can really say that, seeing as I didn't go in and see the movie. I just stood three-deep behind the railing at the blue carpet and took photos with my big zoom lens. To be perfectly honest, I didn't recognise many of the people I took photos of either. Gee I really hope Medicine works out. I don't think "celebrity blogger" will be a good Plan B. Um, Jennifer Aniston looked really pretty?


I think this guy's in some boy band. Apparently they still have boy bands here.

Everybody else was taking photos of her, and she had a minder (you can see his arm).

No idea who this is either.

My friends on Facebook tell me this is Jason Bateman. He's in the movie. He spent much of the time walking up and down the blue carpet making sure everybody had seen him.

Jason Sudeikis. My friend Kat held his hand for a good 20seconds and will possibly never wash her hand again.

I recognised Jennifer Aniston, with the help of everybody in the crowd screaming out "Jen-ni-fer! Jen-ni-fer!"

Jennifer Aniston with her creepy minder

The minder looks so disgusted. "Fine, hold my arm ... if you must"

Opposite side of the carpet to the paparazzi, so Jen didn't pose for us, but as you can see she was wearing a very pretty dress.


Dr Sunshine said...

The first and 3rd people are from Made In Chelsea... it was an awful (but fabulous) reality show.

Pink Stethoscopes said...

Thanks Dr Sunshine! I'm glad they were semi-celebrities and not just well-dressed members of somebody's entourage ...