Friday, December 3, 2010

Moving Out

Well, the time has finally come – the "school year" is over and I am cleaning out my house. I will miss my little council-owned house/cottage. It is exceptionally cute with wooden floorboards, a cheesy name (Bedsyde Manor), a random assortment of curtains, and a giant backyard.

Apart from having to pack and clean, another challenge this weekend is to eat all of the food. On the plus side I've already taken all of my chocolate to my sister’s house, so I’m pretty sure that’s been eaten - along with my biscuits and lollies.

Cleaning out the freezer is an interesting task ... yesterday I had Tom Yum wonton soup with extra wontons. Today I had satay chicken stir-fry. Tomorrow I think there are prawns. Sunday is a mystery ... I still can’t figure out what’s in that container. And on Monday I shall eat the frozen banana.

Cleaning out the fridge is much more fun. Beers!

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