Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bin Day

Thursday is bin day! I think it's safe to say that I've never been so excited about bin day ever, not even at the start of the year when I had a whole house to myself and bin day made me feel ever so grown-up. No, today is very special.

You see, on Christmas day, we had prawns. We shelled them and ate them with our hands, dipping them in Great Grandma's secret-recipe seafood sauce, and life was good.

Come time for the post-lunch post-nap cleanup, and Dad warned us several times to tie a piece of string around the bag full of shells. But we were complacent and responded with 'Yes yes, it's too hard to find a piece of string, it'll be fine, we'll just tie a knot' etc.

Fast-forward five hot summer days, the prawn shells have been simmering in the sulo bin right outside the front door, and Little Sister and I have been holding our breath every time we've left the house because it genuinely smells like a very large and very sick sea-creature crawled in there and died a terrible death and is now decomposing in the most aromatic way it knows how.

Hooray for bin day!

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PTR said...

Oh dear. That sounds revolting. Our bin didn't get picked up today which means that by Friday next week it will have had two weeks worth of poopy nappies in it in 35 degree weather.