Sunday, December 4, 2011


So, I've finished medical school. No longer a medical student, not yet a doctor, I am enjoying the blissful in-between stage where I don't know how to introduce myself but at least I've finished all of my assessments.

Our esteemed School of Medicine has lost a few fans this week. Our 6-weekly assessment forms which we are not allowed to touch or see, suddenly became our responsibility on the last Friday when our administrators decided it was our job to make sure they were all handed in ... by Monday. So they kindly provided 60-something students with a list of their incomplete assessments and told them to chase the forms up or else their graduation would be delayed. Well handled.

At least the week-long celebration known as "Grad Week" is run by students who want nothing more than to see their classmates / colleagues having a great time. Starting with a champagne breakfast this Thursday and finishing with a ball after the graduation ceremony next Thursday, the week is packed with various activities to entertain the new graduates and their families.

I'm most excited about seeing the printed version of the Yearbook which I've spent the year putting together with the help of an insanely talented classmate. It was a well-timed coincidence that the printer demanded an electronic copy during the last week of med school, because it's been a brilliant excuse to avoid schoolwork.

Luckily, I enjoy finishing projects slightly more than I enjoy procrastinating. And med school has been one hell of a project.


pAnDaR~ said...

a bit late in saying this, but congratulations, and here's to your endless work days to come, and absolute confusion, insomnia and 36 hours days :) :) :)

welisammedical said...

I just say congratulations, hope you will be a doctor sooner.

greets from Welisam Medical, the stethoscopes manufacturer.

Pink Stethoscopes said...

I'm a bit late in replying, but thank you! It has actually been quite good - no 36 hour days as yet!

Welisam Medical, I became a doctor after graduating, and good luck with the selling of stethoscopes.