Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I was all out of good luck by Tuesday.
  • I started out by losing my boyfriend’s house keys (which he found some 16hours later in the pocket of my jacket). 
  • I went to Centrelink for an Income Statement, only to discover that I could have printed it myself from the website
  •  I bought a coffee at the shopping centre and immediately tripped and spilled the whole thing. 
  • I realised at 11am that I didn’t know where the 11am meeting was, or what it was about, and so spent 15minutes running around trying to find it and arrived late. 
  • I went to visit a relative who’s having elective surgery ... in the wrong hospital. 
  • When I got to the right hospital, I broke the controls for adjusting her bed. 
  • My team came dead last in quiz night. 
  • And then I had a coffee before bed and got to lie awake replaying the day in my head. 

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