Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Board Games

The first thing I noticed on my first day of placement was the cupboard full of board games in the doctor's office. Monopoly, Jumanji, Connect Four, Battleship, Memory, Draughts, 6 or 7 puzzles and a few card games - that cupboard was almost overflowing.

Clearly, I had hit the jackpot - did we do ward rounds, get coffee and then play games all morning?

But then several days passed with no games sessions, and it dawned on me that the games must be there for another purpose. And yes, as it turns out, the games are for the therapists and they do therapeutic things with them that probably involve the patients.

Fair enough. After a few days / weeks / months in a hospital bed, the patients probably get bored - much more bored than the doctors who have lots of actual jobs to do, or the medical students who have to look busy all of the time.

But today (when all of the doctors were busy elsewhere) I discovered a game that I hadn't seen in the cupboard before - a card game titled "52 Drinking Games".

Maybe they do have secret parties in that back office ...

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