Monday, October 18, 2010


Less than 5 weeks to go until The OSCE. It’s probably time to start studying on weekends, but instead ... I’m going showjumping.

I took three horses to a local show yesterday (plus Elmo, but he’s retired) and it was so nice to be back competing! It’s great catching up with old friends who I’ve known since I was three feet tall and falling off my pony. And to be greeted by the experienced competitors who helped teach me to stop falling off my pony so much. It’s also a nice surprise to hear that some of my showjumping friends enjoy coming to this blog for a read – hi Netty!

Riding three horses was probably a little ambitious, as I am learning today. I have bruises from the saddle and some long-forgotten muscles are announcing themselves loudly whenever I move. But it was worth it. My “young horse” Floss, who is 9 but very inexperienced, tried her very best to be good and won herself a ribbon in the 85cm – 3rd place. Dear old Bojangles disappointed certain members of the crowd by chickening out at the first fence and hence not winning the 85cm, but with a lot of effort and concentration from both of us, he redeemed himself by winning the 1m.

I also rode my sister’s horse Taddy. We usually get along reasonably well despite him being a very strange animal. Yesterday he was incredibly excited about life and showjumping and was leaping and bouncing all over the place. I wasn’t quite sure how to handle this so he ended up rolling a rail in the 110cm jumpoff. He still managed to pick up some prize money though, taking out 2nd place.

I know I have to study now – only 4 weeks, 4 ½ days until the OSCE. So I’ve set a limit. Two more shows, and then my weekends are for study only. Both of them.

Photo not from this show - I was too busy! Bojangles and Taddy at the truck.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

Yep i'm busily reading your blog (which i do love) whilst i am meant to be working!! lol!

Thanks for keeping me updated and entertained!