Tuesday, October 5, 2010


My beautiful neighbour Dawn has agreed to take care of my little dog while I’m away on weekly study days. I leave my keys with her, and she calls around during the day to let Sprite out for a wee and a run around. Sometimes she takes the dog home while she does the gardening and they potter around together for a few hours. It seems to work very well for everyone – Sprite gets a run, Dawn seems to like her, and I don’t have dog wee on my carpet.

Last week I was fairly disorganised and had to run the keys over on the morning of the study day. Dawn wasn’t up yet so I left a note asking her to take care of Sprite, and went off to my study day, hoping for the best. I did feel pretty guilty about the last-minute arrangement, so I called around afterwards to thank Dawn. As I handed her a block of chocolate, she admonished me, “Don’t you ever do that again!” She informed me in no uncertain terms that she was more than happy to take care of Sprite and that I should never ever bring gifts.

I have the best neighbour.


PTR said...

Heh - she sounds like a great neighbour. Our neighbour Ken uses our green waste bin (with our permission of course!) and our other neighbour Bill waters our plants when we're away. Community integration: A+


Pink Stethoscopes said...

I actually first met my neighbour because she has a long-standing arrangement to use the green waste bin at the student house. Clearly this is the best way to interact with the community - we should tell the others.