Thursday, September 16, 2010

Long-Distance Partying

My friends all went to a wine and cheese night a while ago. I didn’t go because I couldn’t justify driving the extra 900km that week, but one friend was kind enough to call me from the party and let me know what I was missing. I got to talk to each of my friends in turn, including my sister who often stands as my replacement at such functions – Version 2.0, if you like.

And I almost felt as if I were there. In truth, it felt as if I was sitting in a corner, and people were coming over to talk to me one at a time. We would chat for a while, then they would say, “Oh look here’s Michael, you should talk to him”, and then they would leave me and re-join the party. It was almost as if I could just stand up and join the rest of the group any time I wanted. What a strange feeling.

Thanks, my friends, for sitting in the corner with me.

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