Friday, September 24, 2010

I am not a moron

I feel amazing today. I am on top of the world. I know medical students aren't supposed to have too much self-esteem, but I'm going to just come out and say it anyway: "I am not a moron". Man that feels good.

We had practice OSCEs on Wednesday night, which I was absolutely dreading because at our practice OSCEs earlier this year I was absolutely hopeless. I believe one station I got 6/30 for, and 5 of those marks were for empathy. This time, however, I passed most of the stations and actually did quite well. Amazing! I have learnt something!

And then the next morning we had a practice written exam. I had no expectations because I'd been concentrating so hard on panicking about the OSCE, but I even managed to do OK in that. Sure it was formative, and self-marked, but it made me feel good.

So this morning I marched into clinic, suggested Pregabalin for somebody's neuropathic pain, diagnosed lateral epicondylitis, wrote several sick certificates and sutured somebody's hand. Should I be this excited about being able to do stuff and not looking stupid? I don't care, for today, I am not a moron.

Actually ... maybe I should wait until midnight to say that. The day is still young.

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Anonymous said...

good on you!

Anonymous said...

things that have been said to me recently
y'wow they're letting anybody into med now aren't they?'
'yeah, I worry about the quality of medical students now'
'you probably shouldn't speak'

brought to you by coungles the verification word of the day

BreakandBlossom said...

I love your blog...
good on you and I'm sure it'll get better
Applying for med this year and if unsuccessful next year as well.


Pink Stethoscopes said...

Oh wow, your supervisors are harsh.

Lulu, cheers for the comment and good luck with med applications. A few lucky people get in on their first interview, but a lot of us had several tries ... I had four interviews before I got in :D