Monday, July 5, 2010

How to get noticed in: small group lectures

  • Arrive 5 minutes late
  • Open the door a fraction, poke your nose in and look around just with your eyes. Nobody ever gets curious about half-open doors.
  • Whisper, “excuse me” while the speaker is talking, just in case there is somebody who hasn’t looked at you yet.
  • Make eye contact with everybody as you make your way to your seat, making sure to whisper “excuse me” and “thank you” as you pass.
  • Leave your phone on Loud, and make sure somebody calls you after 15 minutes or so.
  • Apologise to everyone, making a grimacing face as you do so – that way they know you’re sincere.
  • Answer the phone anyway – that way everybody knows how important you are.
  • If necessary, repeat all of the above steps upon re-entering the room.
Thank you, blonde lady who came to the lecture today. Yes, the 11 of us in the room noticed you - well done.

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