Thursday, July 1, 2010

Good Dog News!

I got some terrific news from home today – I’m allowed to have our two dogs here with me for a week! Yes it’s just a week, but it’s something. I think Mum was a little tired ... here’s our conversation:

Mum: “You’ll have to walk them twice a day”

Me: “Oh man!” (as in, oh man, does she think I don’t know this?!)

Mum: “yes they’re a lot of work you know”

Me: “what about food then, I suppose they have to eat as well”

Mum: “Oh I have two tins of dog food, I can send that with you”

Me: “do dogs need to drink? They don’t, do they?”

Mum, catching on: “yes they do ...”

Me: “Like, every single day, or is weekly often enough?”

Mum: “Oh weekly should be plenty”

Yeah, they'll be fine.

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