Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Stamp

I was pretty devastated when the surgical interns told me I'd missed Journal Club today - I'd been counting on those free sandwiches for my lunch.

As I trudged back to the medical ward, the pharmacist intercepted me in the hallway. I braced myself for the worst - the pharmacists usually only chase me to point out my mistakes. But not today - today she gave me a brand new stamp with my name and provider number on it!

Now skipping back to the office, I opened up the stamp ... and promptly got ink all over my hands. Never mind. There's a hand bason in the nurses' station. And that's where I learnt two valuable lessons:

1. That ink is so permanent it pretty much gets into your genes
2. If you turn the tap off too far, it turns back on again and wets the front of your clothes

By the time I made it back to the office I was so glum that the RMO gave me a cupcake and sent me to do a mini-mental on our sweetly demented old patient.

He got 15/30, the cupcake was delicious, and the day got better.


Half a doc said...

I love your blogging style :). really amusing an easy to read posts!

Pink Stethoscopes said...

Thank you! I like to remind myself there's a funny side of medicine sometimes.

I hope you keep posting once you qualify too - best of luck for final year :)

Half a doc said...

Thank you - think I will need the luck! And will try to :)