Friday, October 7, 2011


I can't pretend to be the greatest student in the world.

That said, when a fortune teller in Singapore told me I would top the class in October, I allowed myself to become quietly hopeful. As all my classmates started getting their grades for our first big assignment, I kept checking and re-checking the student system, waiting for my grade to appear.

And yesterday, it finally happened - a notification saying "New Grade - Evidence Based Medicine".

I hurriedly opened the link, to see ...

Zero! Reviewed by the Section Instructor and everything, so it couldn't be a mistake.

I quickly looked for an email telling me to pack my bags and find a different career, but there was nothing.

In a panic, I called the course administration unit to ask what to do about it.

"Oh, just ignore that" was the breezy instruction, "I accidentally put in a grade but yours isn't marked yet. I couldn't leave it blank so I put a 0".

Oh. Thanks.

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*C said...

Ah! They mess with our minds!!!