Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Running late

I hate running late. Hate it. Which is unfortunate for a GP, because sometimes people's troubles cannot be fixed and documented in only 15 minutes.

By the end of today I was running an hour late and I could see the setting sun through my window. I braced myself for complaints and called in my final patient. In he walks, smiles and says, "well there's no early minute for you today!"

Whew. Patients are people too - and nice people.


Rugile Rarelyte said...

It's so true. I know how it's bad to be late, to leave your single head stethoscope at home and run back to take it. Reminds me my today. A horrible day in general...

Arijus said...

Yes, true. I want to find good single head stethoscopes for sale .. But its hard task. I try to found about a week..