Friday, February 1, 2013

Lost: one female doctor

Day 3 of my new job today. I've gone from "intern" to the far more responsible-sounding "RMO", and from a small country hospital to a much larger hospital in the northern suburbs.

The job is going well so far ... except I keep getting lost.

I feel like a mouse in a maze, but not a mouse that's good at mazes. I'm the mouse that gets lost every single time and spends half its time back-tracking and turning around on the spot, trying to figure out where it is.

I can imagine the posters ...

Lost: one female doctor.

Last seen on ward 2B wearing pink stethoscope, said she was going to staff cafeteria. Not answering pager; possibly unable to locate phone. Approach with caution a may become more disorientated if alarmed.

Kindly return to medical team.


Half a doc said...

This is so going to be me come August! (if I actually pass!)

Pink Stethoscopes said...

Ooh how exciting, did you get your first choice? The getting lost bit isn't so fun though, hope you get a good orientation!