Monday, May 2, 2011


Some might say that I'm taking my Infectious Diseases rotation a little too seriously. I turn up early for the morning ward rounds, I take many pages of notes, I gave a lunchtime presentation, and I know enough about the third cranial nerve anatomy to ask questions that stump the consultant (his fault, he made me look it up). I write in the progress notes, I examine patients, I participate in the team meetings, and I go and see consults.

Oh, and I have pneumonia.

I've been coming in every day with a hacking cough, making my presence felt throughout the hospital. I really should have stayed home, but nobody said that was okay, so I kept on coming in. Pretty dedicated, you might say.

But then I made a fatal error last week and went to a compulsory workshop without informing my supervisor.

The very next day, I was called in for a meeting with absolutely no warning and berated for my "disappointing lack of attendance". Had my supervisor told me off for spreading germs throughout the hospital, I would have understood. Had he focused on my appalling lack of knowledge of antibiotic use, that would have made sense. 

But he was disappointed in my attendance. 

So disappointed that he might just fail me.

Maybe I should cough louder so he knows I'm here.

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PTR said...

That is incredibly lame and in fact makes me feel quite mad on your behalf.